I think everyone that knows me, knows I love a good Body Shop buy! I own so many of their products I could open my own shop from home. So when they sent me a £25 off when you spend £50 voucher, I knew I had to go and buy more. I’d just like to point out I also had various other vouchers which I will talk about in more detail throughout this post. So here are the products I bought:

White Musk set


I was expecting to come out with a White Musk fragrance mist, as it is one of my favourite items from that range! Sadly my local store had none in stock, however the shop assistant showed me this which was in the sale for £8 instead of £16. I also had a 40% of voucher which made this set come to an amazing £4.80! It includes a 30 ml bottle of the White Musk eau de toilette, 60 ml of the shower gel and 60 ml of the ‘smooth satin’ body lotion. The fact that the set also came in a small cosmetic purse persuaded me to buy the product even more, I love a good cosmetics bag to take to University or work with me! Each of these products have an amazing scent and the shower gel and body lotion leave your skin feeling and smelling beautiful!

Satsuma Body Butter


I got an absolute bargain with this body butter! I had a voucher for a FREE (yes free, I can’t believe it either!) body butter of my choice as I completed a survey for The Body Shop. The satsuma range is another of my favourites, the smell is so refreshing and sweet! This size body butter would cost you £13.50, some may think that’s quite a lot but these posts can last me well over 6 months. They are a light butter, this one in particular is less sticky and is refreshing on your skin you only need to apply a small amount to feel the effects. My skin is left soft and smooth without any rashes or sticky feeling. I would highly recommend The Body Shop butters, they are the only butters I buy now as I swear by them to give you smooth silky skin.

Body Mist


I also bought two different body mists with my £25 off voucher. The first one pictured is the Shea body mist. This particular fragrance is part of a range that includes body butters, lip butters, shower gels, you name it they do it! The fragrance kind of reminds me of coco butter but not as strong, I know that description is probably useless but it’s the best I can do. I have to say out of all the body mists Shea is the one I always go back to, probably because it has a sweet yet not over powering smell. I ALWAYS carry a body mist with me whether it’s for uni, work or even out shopping as they aren’t too heavy and you can spray yourself without choking yourself or others!  The other body mist pictured is Atlas Mountain Rose which has a light floral scent. I will definitely be purchasing this mist again

English Dawn White Gardeina 


Another sale bargain was this 50ml eau de toilette, I believe it was originally £16 down to £10 plus the 40% off sale items made it even better! The shop assistant compared this scent to Coco Chanel, all I can say is that it smells AMAZING! Again it is a floral scent but I would also say it smells a bit like coco butter as well, it’s a beautiful light scent (sorry my descriptions suck!).  I was also told that basically once this product is gone, it’s gone (cries!) so as I loved the scent so much I bought two bottles of the stuff. If you’re popping into The Body Shop at some point and you’re lucky enough to see this product don’t hesitate to buy it!

Moringa Body Milk 


Another favourite range of mine is the Moringa range, in particular the body mist. So I thought, why not try something different? My skin is quite sensitive sometimes particularly on my legs so i thought perhaps trying a body milk would solve the issue. The product is light in consistency, when put on your skin it feels like spray on sun cream. When rubbing this in  it is light, not too sticky and leaves skin feeling refreshed and smelling gorgeous. Again, I do love a floral scent which is probably another reason why I went for this scent as opposed to the coconut one. The body milks are priced at £8  and come in a 250ml bottle. As you don’t need to use too much of the product at 1 time I’d say a bottle this size would last you over 6 months.

Warming Mineral Mask 


The final product I’m going to talk about is this warming mineral mask. I never usually purchase this sort of product as I know I’ll use it once, shove it in a draw and forget about it. So when I renewed my Love Your Body card, I was a little disappointed to have this as my free gift. The label claims that it is a clay, warming mineral mask. Once applying the product, it felt warm for the first few seconds after that if felt like I had nothing on my face! This disappointed me a little bit as I like the tingling sensation of a heated mask. The mask also felt more like a cream compared to a clay mask, as you can see from the photo above. Having said that, once I had removed it after the recommend 5 minutes, my skin was left feeling amazing soft and clear. I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be applying this mask at least once a week so I can make sure my skin stays soft.

So there you go everyone! Sorry it was such a long post but if you took the time to read all that then thanks. I am a huge fan of The Body Shop and would highly recommend all of the above products.

– Lauren

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