As a fan of winged eyeliner and regular user of liquid eyeliner, I decided it was time to try a gel. I chose the Smoulder gel eyeliner by Seventeen, as I use their High Drama liquid liner and at a price of £3.99 I thought it was definitely worth a go.


It comes in a handy little box with a black and white design and the eyeliner is inside a simple small jar with a plastic screw on lid. It also contains a tiny brush, which I found too small to use and not to mention the bristles were separating after just one use, so I switched it for an angled brush. However, I generally had no other issues with the packaging of this product.

The Product

When applying the product for the first time I found that it was quite grey and as I prefer a dark black look, I had to go over it a few times. The packaging claims that it is ‘silky, smooth and smudgeprooth’. I found that the gel did have quite a strong silky look after a few layers were applied and it definitely went on smoothly. As for ‘smudgeproof’, if like me you’re a perfectionist when it comes to eyeliner, try not to make too many mistakes as when I tried to correct it with a cotton stick it would not budge! I’m not complaining though as this means when I eventually got it how I wanted it, it was there until I needed to take it off!

’16 Hour Wear’


Just after applying the eyeliner (left) and after 11 hours of wear (right)

The product allegedly lasts for up to 16 hours. Now while I know I don’t ever wear eyeliner for this long, I decided I would try this out to see if it really does last for ages. I wore mine for about 11 hours which is the longest I’ve ever really needed to! I found that after the 11 hours, the liner near the inner corner of my eyes and the end of the wings had slightly faded. However, the liner on the middle of my eye lid was still fairly black (the photo doesn’t do it justice). But for 11 hours I think it did pretty well as it lasted when I needed it to without smudging or flaking. I would also recommend using makeup remover to remove this as it did leave a faint grey line on my eyelids afterwards

Overall Thoughts

If you’re new to gel eyeliner like me and want to try it out, then for £3.99 I would recommend this product. Although I found it a bit hard to apply at first, once you get the hang of it, it works well to create either a smudgy or bold look. I was also pleased with how I didn’t get any on my lashes as I have this problem with liquid eyeliner, which leads to my mascara going clumpy. I would definitely purchase this again as it’s so affordable and does the job! It is available from Boots stores and online.


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