Hi Everyone!

We’re Lauren and Rachel, two sisters from England, who for over a year now have wanted to set up a blog where we can express our views and opinions on different products/clothes/foods etc. Whenever either of us are going to purchase a new product we head straight to good old Google and hunt for a review. So we thought, “Why not give our opinion too?!”

As we both have busy schedules when it comes to juggling college, university, going to work and the stress of coursework, we decided that we would use a blog as an escape from a world of stress.  Our blog will hopefully cover a variety of different areas, such as giving reviews on make up products, fashion tips, testing different exercise clothing as well as discussing our daily activities.

We are both highly doubtful that a lot of people are going to even find our blog let alone take an interest but hey, everyone starts somewhere so why not?!

If you have taken the time to read this then thank-you, hopefully our blog posts will help you in some way! Also, we hope that if you have any advice for us or even any questions you won’t hesitate to contact us!

See you later,

Lauren & Rachel

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